About Us

Nuozen Is An Internet Service Provider (ISP), With State-Of-The-Art Technology.

We are committed to provide Internet and other related value-added services to our customers.

Nuozen is a forward looking organization that has driven changes in this industry by taking the lead in supplying affordable leased line Internet services to our users.

A panel of tech experts at Nuozen are magnificent advisers and are available 24*7 to respond to your queries and provide a quick fix at the earliest. Nuozen is devoted to become the Network Industry’s best partner in providing flexible networking and storage-based solutions that address the requirements of the public as well as private sectors. We provide leased-line Internet with assured performance and reliability. We at Nuozen have a spotlight on creating a long-term relationship by delivering world-class standard of services and consistently improving the value of our services for our clients. Nuozen consistently invests in expanding its network so that we can provide high quality and cost-effective connectivity option over decades.

Nuozen Is An Internet Service Provider (ISP), With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Why Choose Nuozen For Business?

Why Choose Nuozen For Business

Dedicated Technical Team

All our solutions are designed just for you. We will send our experienced engineer to you, who will provide you with a report & recommendations which will give you a greater understanding of your business & network infrastructure. We provide the service you deserve.

Designed For Business

Assurance of best-fit solutions for your business and network infrastructure ongoing support 24*7*365 days. Expert professionals commit safe & secure network, timely delivery of services and solutions.

Strategic Communications

With the right communications strategy & tools, you can increase your speed-to-market, scale communications and improve customer experiences.

Enhance Your Network

Achieve better security, more reliable performance and flexible, cost-efficient Internet.

Protect Your Business

Ensure the security and integrity of your company’s data, applications and productivity with the latest security services.

The Nuozen Difference.

Dedicated Technical Team

Dedicated Technical Team

People Before Profit

People Before Profit

We Are Independent

We Are Independent

Why Choose Leased Line From Nuozen?

Safe and Secure

Nuozen is pro-privacy to its core from day one. We maintain services and provide internet transport that is never shared.


You can always rely on Nuozen; Creativity isn’t worth a thing if it isn’t served with an equal amount of reliability. We are here to render you the best desirable and reliable customer experience for all our services.

Uptime 99.5 %

Nuozen’s superfluous servers and BGP routing with multiple Tier-1 renders are hosted in a Tier-1 Data Centre to ensure your service continues non-stop.

24*7 Support

The Nuozen network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We furnish proactive support & our technical alert system keeps us ahead of any problem.


Developing plentiful solutions and services that are flexible which can be personalized with no limitations, which are business needs. Operation customized bandwidth performance is also provided with speed, time, schedule etc. suiting every customer’s needs.

Value For Money

At Nuozen real humans pick up the phone. Always feel like you are part of the Nuozen family by getting personalized customer service from a local human. Time is money, so don’t spend it on hold with an automated voice answering system.